Turnkey Product Development Services

Turnkey Product Development Service leverages all of our resources and partners to produce a complete solution. From initial concept through design and development to release to manufacturing, Prayog can manage every aspect of the turnkey product development cycle. Furthermore, Prayog can adopt the customer’s development process and guidelines so that integration with other internal customer efforts run seamlessly.

Prayog continuously grows by partnering with industry leading technology companies. These partnerships allow Prayog to access the latest technology solutions and integrate them into your turnkey product development needs.

Examples of turnkey product development solutions include:

  • FiOS Test Equipment
  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Wireless Medical Device
  • High Efficiency LED System
  • Custom Power Supply

Why use Prayog for your turnkey product development needs? There are a variety of reasons why companies choose Prayog for their turnkey product development. Below are just a few:

  1. Companies want to stay focused on development of their proprietary component or software and decide to use Prayog as their partner to develop the support hardware and software systems.
  2. Companies prefer not to sustain a full engineering staff after a product is initially developed and decide to keep only a key group of system architects and designers on board. In these cases, companies will partner with Prayog for partial engineering staffing needs instead of hiring full-time employees.
  3. Companies are interested in only providing professional services to a particular market segment and decide to have Prayog develop a custom solution that gives them a competitive advantage.
  4. Companies are presented with a sizeable opportunity that was not anticipated or forecasted, do not have the bandwidth to accomodate it, and yet do not want to pass up on it either. In these cases the companies will decide to use Prayog to address the opportunity and gain from the additional revenue that was not anticipated.

In every scenario, our customers view Prayog as a valuable partner that allows them to stay focused and grow their business.