Sustaining Engineering Services

Demand for new products using the latest technologies, while maintaining existing products usually puts a strain on internal engineering resources. Let your company’s engineering team focus on new designs and developments, while Prayog’s team concentrates on sustaining your existing products. Keep your staff count low and free your engineers from activities that prevent them from focusing on getting the latest products to market on time.

Prayog has experience with developing new products as well as sustaining existing products. Our engineers are here to help you maintain the products that generate revenue for your company, while your engineers create new designs and products for future revenue.

Sustaining Engineering Services include:
  • New feature development
  • Modify designs to address obsolescence issues
  • Convert designs from leaded to lead-free RoHS
  • Debug hardware failures and software bugs
  • Repackaging for harsh environment survival
  • Cost reduction
  • Manufacturing / test yield improvement
  • Design modification for high volume production