Green Design Services

As the population of the world steadily rises, the world’s energy resources are depleting at an alarming rate. The need for green design and green products will be the focus of many companies and countries. Prayog engineers are experienced in designing and developing green products for many clients and prides itself in the part it plays in going green.

Prayog uses a variety of hardware and software techniques to achieve the green goals of its clients. Some of our skills are listed below:

Sample list of skills:
  • Solar powered design
  • Solar tracking design
  • Ultra low power design
  • Wireless power solutions
  • Software coding for extreme μC sleep mode
  • Efficient power supply design
  • Eco-friendly design
  • RoHS compliant design
  • Convert existing designs to green designs
Recent Developments
  • High efficiency LED Illumination
  • Solar concentrator and tracker
  • Mass Transportation GPS System
  • Automated Meter Reader

Green Case Studies

Mass Transportation GPS System: Prayog is developing a hardware and software solution to allow a bus system serve its customers by tracking the location of all its busses in real-time and scheduling them in an efficient manner to conserve fuel.

Automated Meter Reader: Prayog designed and developed an automated electric meter reader for Smart Grid application that transmits readings using Broadband over Power Line techniques and will allow utiltiy companies to monitor and reduce power consumption at the consumer side during peak hours.

High Efficiency LED Illumination: Prayog developed a high efficiency LED Illumination system. Twenty 3-Watt Luxeon Rebel LEDs provide a total of 60 Watts switchable to red, green or blue output. The high efficiency illuminator can be used in a variety of applications where bright light is required with a minimal heating. Applications of this design range from surgical lighting to camera strobe lights.