Digital Hardware Design Services

Prayog has extensive experience in digital circuit design. Whether it is circuitry for a product that incorporates a complex microprocessor and memory system or a signal processing system that combines high speed DSPs and custom FPGAs Prayog can provide a full turnkey development solution.

Prayog has developed high speed circuits for telecommunications systems where signal integrity is essential. We have also developed data acquisition systems where digital system noise had to be carefully isolated from the analog signals being measured. In each of these designs Prayog development process and experience led to completely successful designs.

  • Digital system architecture design
  • High speed digital to 40gbps
  • Data acquisition D/A or A/D
  • Signal integrity analysis
  • Microprocessor
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Mixed signal digital, RF, and analog design
  • Full system or subsystem design
  • Backplane design