I-BLOCKs – Miniature Computing Platforms

I-BLOCKs is a family of processor and peripheral development platforms designed to support a wide range of computing functions and applications. The variety of I-BLOCKs platform variants and their associated peripherals enable rapid prototyping of sensor, communications and general purpose processing platforms. The I-BLOCKs ecosystem and open source design philosophy explicitly allows users to develop their own hardware and software variants of the designs, enabling full customization. In addition to their applications for rapid prototyping of commercial systems, I-BLOCKs also make ideal platforms for developing hardware and software design skills in academic and hobbyist environments.
Key Characteristics of I-BLOCKs:
  • Tiny size – just 1.5″ – 5″ square
  • Modular architecture permits easy customization
  • Low-power, high efficiency design
  • Multiple power rails: Intelligent power control
  • Peripheral boards provide device information, sensor / communications offload
  • Stackable, self-addressing mezzanine bus: allows for multiple peripheral boards
  • I2C bus: communicates with peripheral board module management controllers and peripherals
  • 8 analog inputs for use by sensors
  • Dual-level interrupt system: allows for high-priority, low-latency interrupts
  • Open source software platform and development tools