Transportation Product Design

Prayog has developed embedded systems for a variety of transportation vehicles. Prayog’s combination of system level design expertise combined with detailed implementation experience in hardware and software allows us to meet our client’s requirements. The environmental aspects of design of electronics used in vehicles tend to push components to their limits from both a vibration and temperature perspective. In addition these systems need to be able to withstand the harsh electrical environment found in vehicles from variations in battery voltage to ignition noise. Prayog in depth experience in power management, EMI/EMC control and robust software systems allow the products that we develop to meet the harshest of environmental challenges.
  • GPS based navigation
  • Dead reckoning
  • SAE J1455 Compliant designs
  • Power surge management
  • Thermal management
  • Digital, analog and RF mixed signal designs
  • High Reliability systems
  • Ruggedized developments