Test and Measurement Product Design

Prayog has developed a variety of test and measurement solutions for our clients. These solutions range from products that measure the performance of high speed communications systems to devices for troubleshooting and repairing systems and networks. Prayog’s expertise across multiple industries allows us to leverage technology solutions to meet stringent requirements. Measurement solutions are often required to have performance characteristics far superior to the equipment they are testing to ensure an accurate result. This requires a deep understanding of the electronic components used in the design and their limitations. Instrumentation also requires design considerations that minimize noise and interference within the measurement circuitry to eliminate erroneous or spurious results. Prayog utilizes a combination of experience and development processes ensure that the measurement solutions that we develop meet these stringent requirements.
  • Metallic and Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (TDRs, OTDRs)
  • Precision voltage, resistance and capacitance measurement
  • Precision frequency, jitter and phase measurements
  • High speed bit error rate testers (BERT)
  • Telecommunications test equipment (VF to SONET)
  • Fiber optic test equipment
  • Live system non-intrusive testing and performance monitoring
  • Custom data acquisition and analysis systems
  • Waveform capture and analysis (pulse shape analysis)