Industrial Product Design

Prayog has worked with industrial clients to develop custom solutions for their industries. These systems often combine custom hardware and software development with commercial off the shelf equipment. Our experience with computing platforms, control systems and communications allows us to address many issues found in the industrial environment. Prayog realizes that a reliable solution is essential in the industrial environment where equipment failure can cause a hazard in addition to lost revenue. Prayog works in partnership with our clients to ensure that the system developed meets requirements for both safety and reliability.
  • High reliability communications systems.
  • Web based User Interface and application development
  • Complete custom EDAS / SCADA / PLC / RTU design solutions
  • Machine control systems
  • Precision measurement systems
  • Signal processing and servo controls
  • Manufacturing test stations
  • Electronic noise management (EMI/EMC)
  • Product enhancements and upgrades
  • Redesign to address parts obsolescence issues.