Consumer Product Design

Prayog works as a reliable development partner with our clients to develop a variety of electronic consumer products. Consumer products often have many of what appear to be conflicting goals including; ease of use, small size, low cost, high reliability, safety and compliance (UL, CE, FCC). Mantaro’s development process allows us to efficiently identify the optimal design to meet these requirements while minimizing the time to market. Prayog’s Program Managers and engineers stay on top of leading edge technologies by maintaining a tight relationship with our technology suppliers. This technology expertise allows us to anticipate where new technology can be applied to a product to give it a competitive advantage when it reaches the market place.
  • Hand-held products (PDAs, remotes)
  • Ultra-low power design
  • Communications products
  • RF communications or control (Zigbee, Wifi)
  • Intuitive user interface design
  • Single chip microcomputer based products
  • System on a chip technology (SoC)
  • Battery chargers and power supplies
  • Custom FPGA or CPLD design
  • GPS/gyro navigation product