For Detailed syllabus and course schedule please contact us in person or by phone. We also provide Project Oriented Training for Academic students for their Mini and Major Projects, coveringall the level in a software development process. Our Major Aim in adopting a student for a project is to make him involve and participate in the different stages of SDLC and PDLC of the Software. We also help the student in formalizing and finalizing the Final Project submission Report as per the standards of the Academic requirements without compromising the Industrial Requirements.


 Embedded systems

 Embedded system is widely present in every domain and sector in modern society. We are surrounded by embedded systems everywhere like homes, hospitals, factories, shopping malls, in cars and in airplanes. To develop these systems an embedded engineer is required and he/she should have thorough knowledge of the hardware and the relevant software to drive the same.




Raspberry Pi




Information Technology

Information technology (IT) is the application of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data, often in the context of a business or other enterprise.
The term is commonly used as a synonym for computers and computer networks, but it also encompasses other information distribution technologies such as television and telephones. 

C Language





  • VLSI Design Flow
  • RTL Design Methodologies
  • FPGA Design Flow
  • Introduction to ASIC Verification Methodologies
  • VLSI Design Flow steps
  • Synthesis Versus Simulation

Prayog works as a reliable development partner with our clients to develop a variety of electronic consumer products. Consumer products often have many of what appear to be conflicting goals including; ease of use, small size, low cost, high reliability, safety and compliance (UL, CE, FCC). Mantaro’s development process allows us to efficiently identify the optimal design to meet these requirements while minimizing the time to market. Prayog’s Program Managers and engineers stay on top of leading edge technologies by maintaining a tight relationship with our technology suppliers. This technology expertise allows us to anticipate where new technology can be applied to a product to give it a competitive advantage when it reaches the market place.
Hand-held products (PDAs, remotes)
Ultra-low power design
Communications products
RF communications or control (Zigbee, Wifi)
Intuitive user interface design
Single chip microcomputer based products
System on a chip technology (SoC)
Battery chargers and power supplies
Custom FPGA or CPLD design
GPS/gyro navigation product

At Prayog we have demonstrated our ability to design telecommunications and data communications equipment design through multiple successful product developments for our clients. Prayog’s development process is key to this success. We use a top down development methodology that starts with a fully defined requirements specification and ends with a comprehensive test plan with results. The result is a product that is ready for manufacturing and field deployment.
Our experience ranges from the development of low cost consumer oriented communications products for the small office/home office market to full NEBS compliant telecommunications products that are used in the telco’s network. Prayog’s broad range of experience in multiple industries makes us uniquely capable of combining technologies to develop the next generation of network equipment.

SNMP agent and proprietary MIB development for status monitoring and traffic data analysis of satellite communication applications.
T1/E1, Subscriber Loop Carrier (SLC)
Digital cross-connect (DS0, T1/E1, DS3/E3, E4, SDH/SONET)
Packet switching and processing (Ethernet, IP, MPLS)
Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA)
SDH/SONET (OC12, OC48, OC192, OC768)
Gigabit Ethernet (GigE, 10GigE)
Integrated Access Device, Modems

Prayog has developed a variety of test and measurement solutions for our clients. These solutions range from products that measure the performance of high speed communications systems to devices for troubleshooting and repairing systems and networks. Prayog’s expertise across multiple industries allows us to leverage technology solutions to meet stringent requirements. Measurement solutions are often required to have performance characteristics far superior to the equipment they are testing to ensure an accurate result. This requires a deep understanding of the electronic components used in the design and their limitations. Instrumentation also requires design considerations that minimize noise and interference within the measurement circuitry to eliminate erroneous or spurious results. Prayog utilizes a combination of experience and development processes ensure that the measurement solutions that we develop meet these stringent requirements.
Metallic and Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (TDRs, OTDRs)
Precision voltage, resistance and capacitance measurement
Precision frequency, jitter and phase measurements
High speed bit error rate testers (BERT)
Telecommunications test equipment (VF to SONET)
Fiber optic test equipment
Live system non-intrusive testing and performance monitoring
Custom data acquisition and analysis systems
Waveform capture and analysis (pulse shape analysis)

Prayog has developed embedded systems for a variety of transportation vehicles. Prayog’s combination of system level design expertise combined with detailed implementation experience in hardware and software allows us to meet our client’s requirements. The environmental aspects of design of electronics used in vehicles tend to push components to their limits from both a vibration and temperature perspective. In addition these systems need to be able to withstand the harsh electrical environment found in vehicles from variations in battery voltage to ignition noise. Prayog in depth experience in power management, EMI/EMC control and robust software systems allow the products that we develop to meet the harshest of environmental challenges.
GPS based navigation
Dead reckoning
SAE J1455 Compliant designs
Power surge management
Thermal management
Digital, analog and RF mixed signal designs
High Reliability systems
Ruggedized developments

rayog has worked with industrial clients to develop custom solutions for their industries. These systems often combine custom hardware and software development with commercial off the shelf equipment. Our experience with computing platforms, control systems and communications allows us to address many issues found in the industrial environment. Prayog realizes that a reliable solution is essential in the industrial environment where equipment failure can cause a hazard in addition to lost revenue. Prayog works in partnership with our clients to ensure that the system developed meets requirements for both safety and reliability.
High reliability communications systems.
Web based User Interface and application development
Complete custom EDAS / SCADA / PLC / RTU design solutions
Machine control systems
Precision measurement systems
Signal processing and servo controls
Manufacturing test stations
Electronic noise management (EMI/EMC)
Product enhancements and upgrades
Redesign to address parts obsolescence issues.

Prayog has worked with e-Meter manufacturers to develop custom solutions for their applications. These systems often combine custom hardware and software development with commercial off the shelf equipment. Our experience with computing platforms, embedded microcontrollers and signal processing allows us to address many issues found in the Metering field. Prayog realizes that a reliable and safe solution is essential in this environment where equipment failure can have severe consequences. Prayog works in partnership with our clients to ensure that the system developed meets their product cost, performance goals and regulatory requirements.
Our expertise now includes state-of-the-art algorithms for processing signals and calibration with sparse representations. This technology provides our customers with unmatched capabilities to endeavor ground-breaking applications in the Metering field.

Single Phase Metering solutions – using TI-MSP430F425.
Single Phase Metering solutions – using Analog Devices -ADE7166.
Three phase Metering Solution – using Freescale IC and TI IC.
Panel Metering – with most advanced features.
Remote Monitoring – Single Phase and Three Phase using RF

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This program sends young Electronics/Electrical & Computer Science Engineers, anywhere within India for one or more of the following activities:



You must:

Have Indian citizenship OR be a valid Visa to stay in India for the at least 14 months from the date of applying.
At the time of your grant start date, be no more than 3 years from the receipt of your most recent degree, or be currently enrolled.
Example: If you are applying for the 2015-16 award, the earliest you can start your grant is July 1, 2015

so if you are not currently enrolled, your last degree should have been awarded no earlier than June 30, 2012.
Have language ability to carry out the proposed project in the host country at the time of departure. [GRE SCORE]


The following are not eligible for consideration:

  1. Foreign-nationals without VISA.
  2. For Fellows, applicants holding a Bachelor’s degree at the time of application.
  3. Anyone who has resided in the host country of the proposed grant project, for more than 6 months prior to grant start date (study abroad experience during undergraduate does not count). Preference is given to applicants who are proposing to do grant project in a country where they have not had an extensive experience.


The Bhagath Singh Fellows and Scholars Program offers a stipend commensurate with the recipient’s experience and expected expenses in the country.


Awards typically begin between August 1st and October 1st, but may begin as early as July 1 of the competition year, and as late as June 30 of the following year. Grantees cannot be in their host country or host instituion for more than 6 months prior to starting the grant (i.e. if you plan to start your grant in the India July 1, 2015 and you have already been living their in 2014, you are ineligible).


All applicants should review the detailed instructions on application procedure before beginning the online application.

Applications must be completed and submitted electronically by the third Tuesday in January. This is the “received by” and not the postmarked deadline. All components of the application including online and hard copy materials MUST be RECEIVED by the deadline. The application is submitted online which includes the biographical information, essays, resume, recommendations. Hard copy materials include the letter of support from the overseas host institution and transcripts. The application does not need to be mailed in, only the letter of support and transcripts need to be mailed.

*Originals must be submitted in hard copy (please note, original means hard copy that is signed/stamped and not a scanned or emailed version). We can accept these components together or separately. The letter must be in a sealed envelope, signed across the flap by the author; each transcript should be forwarded in the envelope in which it was received from the submitting institution. Mail by the deadline to:

Prayog’s full-time technicians specialize in the areas listed below and engage in short term projects ranging from a few hours or few weeks to long term projects lasting months.
Prototyping, Initial Board Debug, and Rework
Reverse Engineering
Software Testing
Test Systems and Execution
Configuration Database Management
To support the various services we provide, we also have on site extensive lab resources such as shielded chamber, temperature chamber, workstations, and a model shop.

Prayog provides EMI services at all stages of product development, whether at architecture definition or assisting with products that have failed to comply with the required standards. Generally, the most cost effective and expeditious approach is to address EMI objectives as early in the development process as possible, where EMI control strategies can be implemented with minimal impact to schedule and cost. Over the years, Prayog’s team has developed multiple high-speed digital, as well as low noise RF analog designs adhering to various compliance standards.
Prayog can guide the EMI design process at each stage of development and manage the product through the compliance process with the appropriate compliance labs.

EMI/EMC architecture and planning
Design guidance to minimize shielding
Signal management
FCC / CE / NEBS failure analysis
Minimize redesign to pass certification

Prayog provides full turnkey system development services. We are experienced and maintain a full staff to work on: Full Program Management, Architecture development, Specs and Requirements development, Prototype and Solution modeling, testing, delivery, installation, documentation, and training.
Prayog’s engineers integrate hardware (e.g. ATCA, AMC, CPCI, PMC, PXI, VME, VXI) or proprietary hardware and custom application specific software to fit your requirements. If an existing system contains obsolete modules, Prayog can identify suitable alternatives and manage the integration. Prayog also has the capability to develop custom hardware or software should the application require it. A list of some of our experience is below:

1 2 3 4 5

Prayog’s project management services are backed by extensive experience with successful product developments of all sizes and complexities. Our experienced project managers can supplement your design and development teams, leveraging our substantial knowledge base in a wide variety of industries to manage your development project to meet schedule, cost and quality objectives.
Prayog’s project managers bring years of experience to managing hardware and software product developments. Our expertise enables us to manage your full project life cycle from project planning through execution and first customer delivery, or to step in and help an existing troubled project get back on track.

Prayog’s project managers apply best practices based on industry standard project management and product development methodologies. Working with your development team, Prayog’s project managers can direct the specification of project requirements and deliverables, develop communications plans for project status, manage risk and contingency plans, and coordinate efforts with contract manufacturers and off-shore contractors.

Let Prayog’s project managers utilize their understanding of the subtleties and interdependencies of product development to streamline your project’s performance.

Prayog understands the critical need for marketing and business development expertise to insure the success of any new product development and deployment. ’s professional marketing consultants have a comprehensive set of skills and experience that enable them to manage and support a broad set of programs and operate at any level from Executive Leadership to Program Manager.
Our consulting experience includes

Prayog’s consultants posses the real world experience and breadth and depth of knowledge required to bring your product or service solution to market. Our market services are designed for each client’s unique needs. We can help you unlock new markets and revitalize existing ones using proven approaches that increase the return on your marketing investment and build the value of your business.

As the population of the world steadily rises, the world’s energy resources are depleting at an alarming rate. The need for green design and green products will be the focus of many companies and countries. Prayog engineers are experienced in designing and developing green products for many clients and prides itself in the part it plays in going green.
Prayog uses a variety of hardware and software techniques to achieve the green goals of its clients. Some of our skills are listed below:

Sample list of skills:

Recent Developments:

Green Case Studies
Mass Transportation GPS System: Prayog is developing a hardware and software solution to allow a bus system serve its customers by tracking the location of all its busses in real-time and scheduling them in an efficient manner to conserve fuel.
Automated Meter Reader: Prayog designed and developed an automated electric meter reader for Smart Grid application that transmits readings using Broadband over Power Line techniques and will allow utiltiy companies to monitor and reduce power consumption at the consumer side during peak hours.

High Efficiency LED Illumination: Prayog developed a high efficiency LED Illumination system. Twenty 3-Watt Luxeon Rebel LEDs provide a total of 60 Watts switchable to red, green or blue output. The high efficiency illuminator can be used in a variety of applications where bright light is required with a minimal heating. Applications of this design range from surgical lighting to camera strobe lights.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Prayog provides full turnkey software development services. Our software engineers have extensive experience with various types of software development. Whether you need an embedded system, a device driver, or a full Web application Prayog can help.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Turnkey Product Development Service leverages all of our resources and partners to produce a complete solution. From initial concept through design and development to release to manufacturing, Prayog can manage every aspect of the turnkey product development cycle. Furthermore, Prayog can adopt the customer’s development process and guidelines so that integration with other internal customer efforts run seamlessly.
Prayog continuously grows by partnering with industry leading technology companies. These partnerships allow Prayog to access the latest technology solutions and integrate them into your turnkey product development needs.

Examples of turnkey product development solutions include:

Why use Prayog for your turnkey product development needs? There are a variety of reasons why companies choose Prayog for their turnkey product development. Below are just a few:

Companies want to stay focused on development of their proprietary component or software and decide to use Prayog as their partner to develop the support hardware and software systems.
Companies prefer not to sustain a full engineering staff after a product is initially developed and decide to keep only a key group of system architects and designers on board. In these cases, companies will partner with Prayog for partial engineering staffing needs instead of hiring full-time employees.
Companies are interested in only providing professional services to a particular market segment and decide to have Prayog develop a custom solution that gives them a competitive advantage.
Companies are presented with a sizeable opportunity that was not anticipated or forecasted, do not have the bandwidth to accomodate it, and yet do not want to pass up on it either. In these cases the companies will decide to use Prayog to address the opportunity and gain from the additional revenue that was not anticipated.
In every scenario, our customers view Prayog as a valuable partner that allows them to stay focused and grow their business.

1 2 3 4 5

Prayog offers a variety of Product Development Services (PDS) suitable for any company throughout their product development process. We are able to develop a subsystem or complete a product from concept until it is ready for manufacturing. In every scenario, working with Prayog engineering design services allows you to focus on your core business: from developing specialty components to complete systems.
Prayog highly experienced engineering design services team can step into projects at any stage. During product definition, we can research technology options, develop product requirements, define system architecture, and construct a development plan that will reduce technology risks and accelerate time to market. Our engineering design services include:


Turnkey Product Development

Embedded Software Design

Green Design Services

Marketing Services

Project Management Services

EMC/EMI Design Consulting

System Development Services

Engineering Tech Services

Demand for new products using the latest technologies, while maintaining existing products usually puts a strain on internal engineering resources. Let your company’s engineering team focus on new designs and developments, while Prayog’s team concentrates on sustaining your existing products. Keep your staff count low and free your engineers from activities that prevent them from focusing on getting the latest products to market on time.
Prayog has experience with developing new products as well as sustaining existing products. Our engineers are here to help you maintain the products that generate revenue for your company, while your engineers create new designs and products for future revenue.

Sustaining Engineering Services include:

Prayog has designed and implemented a wide range of wireless products for terrestrial and satellite based systems. Our experience includes detailed analysis and design for customized systems, implementation of standards-based systems, and design of complete system support infrastructures from digital and analog PCB design to power supplies and network management. Prayog has the skills to bridge the gap between communication system specification and communication system implementation.
Prayog has wireless design experience with many technologies and protocols and can combine them effectively to build your wireless device or system.

Sample list of skills:

Protocols & Technologies:

Prayog has extensive experience in power supply development ranging from off-line switches, DC-DC converters and battery chargers through linear applications. Prayog also has experience with the latest wireless power technology and is now able to integrate that technology into new product developments. Power supply design is often bound by system constraints involving space, power dissipation, efficiency, thermal management, noise management, reliability, cost and weight. Our designs focus on reliability with thorough analysis and simulation of critical aspects such as stability, dynamic impedance, transient response, efficiency and conducted emissions. Custom magnetics are optimized for leakage inductance, core losses, emissions and cost. Our strengths include low noise, high efficiency, transient tolerant and high reliability designs.

Prayog is unique in the digital signal processing (DSP) world because we combine system level signal processing knowledge
with the ability to implement solutions in software, hardware, or the best combination of the two for the job at hand. Our background
in real time, high-reliability embedded software development means that our code will be production quality: reliable, well-tested
, and well-behaved in the presence of exceptional cases. Our FPGA solutions integrate efficiently with the system software.
Our DSP expertise now includes state-of-the-art algorithms for processing signals and images with sparse representations.

This technology provides our customers with unmatched capabilities to endeavor ground-breaking applications.

Prayog has experience in the following areas:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

Prayog provides full turnkey FPGA design services. Prayog’s FPGA team is fully trained and experienced in both Verilog and VHDL and supports Altera and XILINX technologies. Prayog can participate in any phase of an FPGA development life cycle from initial architecture, test bench development, feature addition, or addressing parts obsolescence issues with existing designs.

Prayog’s FPGA team has developed and tested many useful FPGA cores that are available to drop into an Altera or Xilinx device. These cores can save you valuable time and money during your product development cycle. Prayog can also customize any available open source core to meet customer requirements.

1 2 3 4 5

Prayog has experience designing a variety of products that incorporate RF circuits. Prayog knows that RF circuit design requires a highly disciplined development approach to control all of the variables. Prayog top down design approach ensures a successful project and a quality design. The process begins with the development of a comprehensive requirements document. If necessary, this is followed by feasibility study to reduce identified risks. Next, a high level system design and architecture is completed which leads in to circuit design, simulation, modeling and prototyping. A comprehensive test plan is developed and used to ensure that the resulting design meets the initial requirements. Prayog can also combine the RF circuit design with our other services to create complete product solutions.

Prayog has extensive experience in digital circuit design. Whether it is circuitry for a product that incorporates a complex microprocessor and memory system or a signal processing system that combines high speed DSPs and custom FPGAs Prayog can provide a full turnkey development solution.

Prayog has developed high speed circuits for telecommunications systems where signal integrity is essential. We have also developed data acquisition systems where digital system noise had to be carefully isolated from the analog signals being measured. In each of these designs Prayog development process and experience led to completely successful designs.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Prayog offers a variety of Product Development Services (PDS) suitable for any company throughout their product development process. We are able to develop a subsystem or complete a product from concept until it is ready for manufacturing. In every scenario, working with Prayog engineering design services allows you to focus on your core business: from developing specialty components to complete systems.
Prayog highly experienced engineering design services team can step into projects at any stage. During product definition, we can research technology options, develop product requirements, define system architecture, and construct a development plan that will reduce technology risks and accelerate time to market. Our engineering design services include:


Digital Hardware Design
RF Hardware Design
FPGA Design Services
DSP Design Services
Power Supply Design
Wireless Design
Sustaining Engineering Services

The ZigBee Router is an integral part of a robust ZigBee network. The router functions to move ZigBee traffic between low power End Devices and ZigBee Gateways. The more ZigBee Routers that exist, the more reliable the network becomes.

Smart-WIFI-ZIgbee Gateway:
This module serves as the Zigbee sensor Network coordinator, as well as the bridge between the Zigbee and the WiFi network.

The communication is bidirectional, sensor data are send via the Gateway to the server and vice-versa, data are sent for the configuration needs from the server to the server nodes.

Smart FAN – Turning FAN on or off and regulating the fan.
Peripheral ON/OFF using a central unit (Application).
A Zigbee Certified (only module available in India) is been used for the wireless communications.
Plug and Play Device – No external work required.
Occupancy based ON/OFF (support from the Smart PIR)

Occupancy based Lighting System:
Occupancy sensors are indoor light controls that detect activities with certain area.
They provide convenience by turning lights on automatically when someone enters a room and reduce lighting energy use by turning lights off soon after the last occupant left the room.
This technology also incorporates remote controlling with the Zigbee communication already adopted.
This peripheral will be communicating all the peripherals and switches them ON/OFF depending on the occupancy.
The main advantages are Increase energy efficiency by using Occupancy sensors,

A/C Smart Mode
Controls the Temperature of the room by communicating with the AC. Smart Plug will switch ON/OFF the AC system,

Auto mode controls the AC System.

Smart Plug – Turning Appliances on or off at the socket, either online or using your smart phone, you can control and know your energy use if you are out.
Peripheral ON/OFF using a central unit (Application).
Peripheral Consumption data monitoring and automation intelligence.
A Zigbee Certified (only module available in India) is been used for the wireless communications.
Plug and Play Device – No external work required.
Occupancy based ON/OFF (support from the Smart PIR


Key Features

This audio coder-decoder board allows students to investigate digital signal processing systems that use audio. The board is based on a Freescale MC145483 linear 13 bit CODEC which allows voice digitization and reconstruction as well as pre and post filtering.

Price: Rs.800/-



Key Features                 


With MIDI in, out and thru ports, this E-block allows any microcontroller to generate, process or respond to any MIDI datastream. The MIDI in signal is fully opto-isolated and the MIDI out and through signals are buffered. This board can be made to work with 3.3V systems with the addition of a few extra components (not fitted as standard).

Price: Rs. 1300/-



Key Features

Allows a PS2 mouse/keyboard to be connected to an I-blocks system. Also allows a VGA monitor to be connected to an I-blocks system.

Price: Rs.300/-



Key Features

The main function of this I-block is to add the capabilities of storing and retrieving large amounts of data for use elsewhere in an electronic system. Use of the MMC card reader allows users to add up to 1GB of additional memory to an electronic system. This I-blocks can be added to any microcontroller that has a USART interface.

Price: Rs.450/-



Key Features


This interface board allows you to easily add a USB communications interface to your project. The board contains a FTDI FT232BL interface chip which provides an interface between a USB interface and a microcontroller UART using RS232 protocols. A virtual COM port driver is available which allows you to interface the board to Windows, MAC and Linux based applications including Visual Basic and Visual C++ etc. The FTDI device is able to communicate with data transfer speeds of up to 3M baud.

Price: Rs. 500/-



Key Features

This board provides direct connection to the USB interface for PIC microcontrollers that include a USB peripheral allowing you to quickly and easily communicate directly with your target device via USB.

Price: Rs. 250/-




Breakout board for Silicon Laboratories’ CP2102 USB to Serial IC.


Price: Rs.450/-



Key Features


This I-block allows the exploration of the RC5 and other popular IR protocols. The receiver features a tuned and

filtered 36KHz IR receiver which acts to demodulate the incoming IR signal to provide superior selectivity and signal conditioning. The transmitter features an amplified IR emitter that can be driven and modulated directly from a microcontroller or by adding a UC device to the E-block itself.

Price: Rs. 250/-




This little breakout board allows you to hook up an analog signal, define your voltage window, and it will tell you (digitally – HIGH or LOW) if your input is inside or outside the window.

This also frees up an ADC for another sensor that may require more than a voltage threshold or window. Another advantage to this little guy is that it’s analog, so that means it’s virtually instant (10 microseconds). It is also useful in audio applications when you need to define peaking voltages on an AC signal and you want to analyze peaks on both the top and bottom sides of the sound wave.

Price: Rs.350/-




Basic breakout board for FTDI’s popular USB to UART IC. Now with internal oscillator and EEPROM, the FT232RL is an impressive IC!

VCC IO is now tied to 3.3V through a solder jumper. You have the option of clearing this jumper and tying the VCCIO pin to 5V.


Price: Rs.700/-




This is a breakout board for the ISD1932, a multiple-message record/playback device. This single chip can record up to 64 seconds worth of voice messages. Microphone inputs and speaker outputs are all handled by the ISD1932.


Price: Rs.750/-


Allows easy access to your Microcontroller I/O pins

Provides 8 screw terminals which can be used to directly connect wires to an I-blocks system. Terminals are buffered by 330ohm resistors which provide protection for upstream boards.

Price: RS.125/-





The Bus Pirate, is a troubleshooting tool that communicates between a PC and any embedded device over  most standard serial protocols, which include I2C, SPI, and asynchronous serial – all at voltages from 0-5.5 VDC. This product eliminates a ton of early prototyping effort when working with new or unknown chips.

Price: RS.900/-



Key Features


This I-block contains a small patch board for developing circuits and projects. Connectors for two I-block ports allow prototype wires and leads to be connected to the rows and columns on the prototype board. This I-block is used where there is a requirement to set up semi-permanent dedicated I-blocks. This I-block is supplied in kit form: the D-type connectors need to be soldered into place.

Price: Rs.200/-


adxl335-4-600x410 adxl335-600x410

force1-459x410 heart1-600x410 piezo1-600x410 ultrasonic-front

4 fibrevswireless-resized-600 NFC pmobile3

arm-JTAG-600x410 CAM01872-600x410 JLINK ULINK2

atmega8-new-2-600x410 ireadybot-600x410 iTypicalDEV-600x410 LPC-1768-topview-600x410 LPC2148-600x410 msp-3-600x410 multi-programmer1-600x410 PIC-3-600x410 stellaris-2-600x410 8051-Development-Board-600x410

I-BLOCKs – Miniature Computing Platforms

I-BLOCKs is a family of processor and peripheral development platforms designed to support a wide range of computing functions and applications. The variety of I-BLOCKs platform variants and their associated peripherals enable rapid prototyping of sensor, communications and general purpose processing platforms. The I-BLOCKs ecosystem and open source design philosophy explicitly allows users to develop their own hardware and software variants of the designs, enabling full customization. In addition to their applications for rapid prototyping of commercial systems, I-BLOCKs also make ideal platforms for developing hardware and software design skills in academic and hobbyist environments.
Key Characteristics of I-BLOCKs:

Prayog is offering a variety of products and platforms to our customers that can be used as building blocks in the development of new products. Please see our current offerings. We are constantly adding new products and technologies to our portfolio so check back often. In addition to the products we offer below, Prayog can also provide custom engineering services to integrate the technologies listed here or to develop a new capability or product.
• Smart Plug (with Display) – communication (RF)
• Smart Plug (without Display) – communication (RF)
• A/C Smart Mode – communication (RF)
• Occupancy based Lighting System – communication (RF)
• Fan Control – communication (RF)
• In Home Display (Application)
• Wifi – Zigbee Gateway
• Zigbee Connectors/Routers
• I Blocks Atmega8/32/644 Development Board – Including Programmer
• I Blocks PIC BASE 40 Development Board
• I Blocks 8051 Development Board
• I Blocks Terminal Board
• I Blocks Sensors Interface
• I Blocks LED Board
• I Blocks LCD Board
• I Blocks push to make switch board
• I Blocks Dual 7 segment Display
• I Blocks Power Board
• I Blocks IR/IrDA Transceiver Board
• I Blocks SPI BUS D/A and memory card
• I Blocks Keypad Board
• I Blocks RS232 Board
• I Blocks Prototype Board
• I Blocks Patch Board
• I Blocks CAN Bus Board
• I Blocks CPLD Board
• I Blocks MIDI Interface
• I Blocks Motors Board
• I Blocks Bluetooth Board
• I Blocks LIN Board
• I Blocks Voice CODEC Board
• I Blocks PS2/VGA board
• I Blocks Opto Isolator Board
• I Blocks MMC Card Reader Board
• I Blocks Relay Board
• I Blocks USB 232 Board
• I Blocks FPGA Module 6000LE
• I Blocks Zigbee Coordinator board
• I Blocks Zigbee Router Board
• I Blocks RFID
• I Blocks PASCO Sensor Board
• I Blocks USB Interface Board
• I Blocks GPS Board
• I Blocks GLCD Module
• I Blocks Graphical LCD
• I Blocks Servo Board
• I Blocks RC5 Interface Board
• I Blocks RS485 Board
• I Blocks ISM Band RF Board with 433 Module
• I Blocks ISM Band RF Board with 868 Module
• I Blocks PIC Microcontroller Programmer With ZIF Sockets
• I Blocks V3 PIC DEV Board
• I BlocksIDEV KIT In-circuit Debug System
• I Blocks AVR Microcontroller Multi Programmer
• I Blocks ARM Microcontroller Programmer
• I BlocksSlide Switch Board
• I BlocksRotary Encoder Board
• I BlocksWireless LAN Board
• I BlocksGSM Board
• I BlocksISM Band RF Board with 915 Module
• I BlocksColor Light Sensor Evaluation Board
• I BlocksSingle Axis Accelerometer
• I Blocks Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout – ADXL335
• I Blocks Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout – ADXL345
• I BlocksBig Easy Driver
• I Blocks Barometric Pressure Sensor – BMP085 Breakout
• I BlocksFTDI Basic Breakout – 5V
• I BlocksTriple Axis Magnetometer Breakout – HMC5883L
• I BlocksCompass Module with Tilt Compensation -HMC6343
• I Blocks MPR121 Capacitive Touch Keypad
• I BlocksOpen Servo
• I BlocksUSB Weather Board
• I BlocksJPEG Trigger
• I BlocksMP3 Trigger
• I Blocks OBD-II UART
• I BlocksWindow Comparator
• I BlocksBus Pirate
• I Blocks Breakout Board for ADMP401 MEMS Microphone
• I Blocks ArduIMU+ V3
• I Blocks Bluetooth Mate Silver
• I Blocks Arduino Ethernet Shield
• I BlocksATmega128RFA1 Development Board
• I Blocks Copernicus II DIP Module
• I Blocks Breakout Board for CP2102 USB to Serial
• I Blocks Breakout Board for FT232RL USB to Serial
• I BlocksVoice Recorder Breakout – ISD1932
• I Blocks Modkit MotoProto Shield
• I BlocksMP3 Player Shield
• I Blocks MPL115A1 Barometric Pressure Sensor Breakout
• I Blocks WiFly Shield
• I Blocks XBee Shield

Prayog Labs Pvt. Ltd. promotes and establishes scientific research and development in electronics. It also acts as a solution provider for organizations engaged in export of IT and IT enabled Services. We are close-knit organized team that consists of drive, dynamic and talented achievers. Among us are professionals in Embedded system, sensor system, power electronics, expertise in N-Tier Web application development, Architecture Design, Reporting Services.



“We at Prayog Labs Pvt.Ltd.,as a provider of IT & IT Enabled services,Strive to continually improve the effectiveness in all our operations with a focus on changing market needs ensuring customer satisfaction and complying with all applicable legal & statutory requirements.”


“Inspire minds to innovate using emerging technologies” Prayog Labs Pvt. Ltd. visions pervasive computing, next technology frontier driven by component technologies emerging a new class of applications to change the way people interact with their environment.


Our mission is to provide software-centric solutions that enable scalable and flexible systems which prove the potential of embedding computing and communications technology to make it a rewarding component in everyone’s surroundings.

Prayog offers a variety of Product Development Services (PDS) suitable for any company throughout their product development process. We are able to develop a subsystem or complete a product from concept until it is ready for manufacturing. In every scenario, working with Prayog engineering design services allows you to focus on your core business: from developing specialty components to complete systems.

Prayog highly experienced engineering design services team can step into projects at any stage. During product definition, we can research technology options, develop product requirements, define system architecture, and construct a development plan that will reduce technology risks and accelerate time to market. Our engineering design services include:

Digital Hardware Design
RF Hardware Design
FPGA Design Services
DSP Design Services
Power Supply Design
Wireless Design
Sustaining Engineering Services

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